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The Allure of Masumi Mewawalla's Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits have been an integral part of Indian fashion for centuries because of their eternal elegance and extensive history. These suits, which bear the name of the fabled Mughal courtesan Anarkali, are marked by their long, flowing silhouette and elaborate embellishments. They perfectly capture elegance and grandeur. Masumi Mewawalla carries on this heritage today with a gorgeous line of Anarkali suits that combine traditional styling with modern patterns.

Anarkali Suits

The Glorious History of Anarkali Suits

The Anarkali suit first appeared in the Mughal Empire, when the opulence of the imperial courts was reflected in the nobility's attire. The suit consists of a long, frock-style top that flows into gorgeous flared churidar trousers and is often paired with a dupatta. Grand Mughal architecture and the opulent lifestyle of its nobility served as inspiration for the design.

Bollywood helped popularise anarkali suits in the 1960s and 1970s by showing their elegance in films like "Mughal-e-Azam". Their popularity soared in the 1990s, when they became a favourite for holiday and wedding dresses due to their exquisite and pleasing style. Masumi Mewawalla's Exquisite Collection of Anarkali Suits perfectly embodies this classic outfit while adding a contemporary touch through refined embroidery and modern cuts.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design

Designer Anarkali suit in our collection is crafted with precision and care. We use premium fabrics such as silk, organza, and Georgette, known for their luxurious texture and fluid drape. Our artisans employ traditional techniques like zardozi, mirror work, and Gota patti, which are hand-embroidered to create intricate patterns and motifs.

Anarkali Suits

Here are some Standout Pieces From the Collection:

  • Baby Pink Embroidered Layered Anarkali With Dupatta: This piece features delicate embroidery on a soft pink canvas, creating a layered effect that adds depth and elegance. It’s perfect for weddings and grand celebrations.
  • Cream Anarkali: A versatile choice, this cream Anarkali offers subtle elegance with its minimalistic design, making it suitable for various occasions, from formal events to festive gatherings.
  • Red Anarkali Set: This vibrant red ensemble exudes traditional charm with its rich color and intricate embroidery, ideal for making a statement at any event.
  • Rose Gold Embroidered Anarkali With Dupatta: Combining contemporary fashion with traditional elements, this rose gold Anarkali is adorned with exquisite embroidery, adding glamour to your wardrobe.
  • Sunset Orange Embellished Anarkali Set: Bold and beautiful, this sunset orange Anarkali is embellished with intricate designs, perfect for making a grand entrance.

The Contemporary Appeal

Anarkali suits are popular because they flatter all body types and provide a regal aura. Masumi Mewawalla's designs incorporate luxurious fabrics like organza and satin, coupled with meticulous embroidery and modern cuts. This ensures each piece is both fashionable and comfortable.

These Anarkali suits are not just garments but a celebration of India's rich cultural heritage, designed to make the wearer feel like royalty. Whether it's for a wedding, a festive occasion, or a formal event, Masumi Mewawalla's Anarkali suits offer the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style.


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